The Court Hotel announces Christmas closure as Covid testing hits Northbridge

The Court Hotel has announced it will be closing for the next four days to protect the health and safety of patrons.

“In light of the premier’s recent press conference, we have decided from today, Thursday the 23rd of December at 4pm, we will be closing the venue over the Christmas break. We don’t want to risk the health and safety of the community.” the venue announced on it’s Facebook page.
“We are sending massive amounts of support and love to Connections Nightclub and Geisha Bar during this stressful time. You are in our thoughts.
“We hope you have a safe and happy Christmas break. We will see you soon. As always Love and Rainbows” the venue said with it’s usual sign off.
This afternoon Premier Mark McGowan ordered nightclub across the city to close after a case of Covid-19 was confirmed. The infected man is a French backpacker who recently arrived in Western Australia from Queensland. In recent days he has visited a number of venues, restaurants, supermarkets and other locations across the city.
WA Health are urging those who visited Connections Nightclub, Geisha Bar, Perth Mess Hall on Saturday evening and Sunday morning to wear a mask and get tested for Covid-19, as well as isolate from others. Find a full list of exposure sites here.
While The Court is not one of the affected venues, they have also made the decision to close their doors during this period.
Connections Nightclub have assured patrons that they are working closely with WA Health regarding the case.
“As we always have, we will be in full compliance with all Government and State Health directives. We have been in close and productive contact with the Department of Health throughout the day and fully enacting all of their instructions.” the Connections team said.
Connections encouraged patrons who had been at the club early on Sunday morning to get tested as per the government advice.
“Staff and Security testing and patron contact tracing is well underway and the venue will be closed until further notice from the Government. If you attended the venue on Sunday 19/12/2021 from 3am – 5am please follow the Government advice.”
Last week over 800 people in Melbourne were forced to isolate for 7 days after they were deemed a close contact of a Covid-positive patron who visited two popular venues.
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