Thousands of LGBTIQA+ Israelis receive SMS saying they ‘deserve death’

Thousands of LGBTIQA+ Israelis have received a text message saying they “deserved severe punishment, death and deportation.”

“You are LGBT and an apostate. You deserve severe punishment, death and deportation from Israel. Come to Yeshiva Ohr Elhanan in order to repent. We would be glad if you undergo conversion to faith,” the message reads according to Agudah – The Association for LGBTQ Equity in Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reported on the incident noting that the message was attributed to Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Hadash. The religious leader has denied any connection to the message, saying it was not an issue he had ever talked about. The Rabbi has requested the police investigate the message and determine its source.

Israel Police opened an investigation into the messages on Monday afternoon, saying it would work to unveil and locate the suspects involved in the case. Police have asked people who received the text to report it.

The newspaper has questioned if the mass text incident is connected to the hacking of a dating site in October. A hacker had threatened to release the personal details of many users of the country’s most popular dating website, including revealing who was same-gender attracted.

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