Tina Arena is revealed as a carnivorous plant on ‘The Masked Singer’

Tina Arena has been revealed as the ‘Carnivorous Plant’ on the French version of The Masked Singer. 

The singer shared images of the surprise reveal on her social media pages. Sadly, the official video on the show’s website can’t be viewed in Australia.

The shows now in its fifth season in France and it’s previously many French identities. Arena has had a successful career in France, releasing three French language albums so far, and she also lived in Paris for many years.

Arena’s Carnivorous Plant entered the show during its fifth week where she performed La Fama by Rosalia. This week she performed Le Vent Nous Portera by Freench rock band Noir Désir but it was the end of her masked journey.

If she’d stayed in a few more weeks, we might have got something from the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack, that would have been perfect.

Earlier this week Tina Arena announced the imminent arrival of new music.

OIP Staff

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