Tom Hanks wasn’t the first choice for ‘Philadelphia’

Tom Hanks won the Best Actor statue at the Academy Awards for his leading role in the 1993 film Philadelphia but the film’s screenwriter has revealed he wasn’t the first choice for the landmark role.

Screenwriter Ron Nyswaner was chatting at a Q&A recently in Santa Monica and revealed that Hanks was not the first actor the role was offered to, the creative team had wanted Daniel Day Lewis to play lawyer Andrew Beckett.

“We wanted Daniel Day-Lewis and Daniel passed,” Nyswaner said, ” “I love him and he’s a genius, but I’m so glad he passed.”

The screenwriters comments were reported in the Hollywood Reporter.

The film was the first big budget Hollywood film to tackle the subject of HIV/AIDS. The film ended up receiving five Academy Award nominations and took home two trophies. Alongside Hanks Best Actor win, Bruce Springsteen won for his song Streets of Philadelphia from the film.

Hanks also won the Best Actor award the following year for his role in Forest Gump. 

OIP Staff


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