TORRES explores ecstasy of queer love on new album ‘Thirstier’

Following the release of three captivating singles, Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head, Hug From A Dinosaur and the stunning title track Thirstier, one of 2021’s most anticipated indie-rock releases, Thirstier from TORRES (AKA Mackenzie Scott), is out now via Merge Records and has been greeted with masses of critical praise.

Elated, anthemic and radiating with scorching euphoria, Thirstier coalesces thrilling grunge-guitar hooks, gleaming synths and a country-rock veneer with tender, queer lyrics, potent vocals, and take-no-prisoners walls of sound.

There are stripped back moments, too – with sparse guitar work soundtracking the tapestry of raw emotions and vulnerabilities laid bare.

Thirstier is a collection of songs that boldly exhibits the ecstasy of love, the unbridled joy that joins hand in hand with the happily ever after, and an acknowledgement of profound self-discovery.

Thirstier is out now.

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