TransFolk of WA announce Pay It Forward Binder Program

TransFolk of WA have announced a new program to support trans, gender diverse and non-binary people ahead of GiveOUT Day this Friday.

The Pay It Forward Binder Program aims to support those who need essential binders, but may not be able to afford them or look to unsafe practices.

“Many trans masculine, gender diverse and non-binary people use tight tops called ‘binders’ to help flatten their chest and make them feel more comfortable in their body,” TransFolk of WA Vice Chair Emery Wishart told OUTinPerth.

“Wearing a binder can be a source of gender euphoria; helping folks feel confident, at home and authentic.”

“Because binders can have such a positive impact on peoples’ mental health, many folks will bind even if they can’t get a quality binder that allows safe compression of the chest,” Wishart explains.

“When people can’t afford to buy a quality binder, they turn to alternative methods for flattening their chest that often cause long term harm or damage. Responsible binding is safe and an essential element trans and gender diverse affirming health care.”

Wishart also explains that a lot of binders need to be purchased from the USA, which prevents people from being able to try them on for size.

“Additionally, binders are about $70 AUD each which is a huge barrier for many trans and gender diverse folks. Costs associated with affirming your gender quickly add up and it can be especially hard for young people or people experiencing financial hardship.”

“By having a stock of binders available in Perth, people will be able to access binders as they need them without excessive waiting on shipping times. Importantly, by providing free binders and binders at a reduced cost, this Pay It Forward Binder Program will ensure many trans and gender diverse folk who would otherwise have continued to unsafely bind, will have access to quality gender affirming binders.”

TransFolk of WA are urging those who would like to support the program to consider donating for GiveOUT Day, an initiative to support LGBTQIA+ projects and community groups across Australia.

GiveOUT Day will match up to $1,000 in donations per organisation, for the first $27,000 donated, this Friday 16th October.

For more information, head to and support the program at

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