TransFolk of WA hosting community consultation on City of Perth

TransFolk of WA are holding a community consultation, seeking input on their ongoing conversations with the City of Perth and the Lord Mayor.

“It has been a challenging few weeks in the wake of Mr. Zempilas’ comments on 6PR radio,” TransFolk of WA said of the initiative.

“TransFolk of WA has been in conversation with the Lord Mayor, City of Perth and other impacted organisations to establish the most productive course of action.

“We are here to represent the community. We appreciate every comment and message you have sent us and we are confident there will be an outcome that empowers you as community members, TransFolk of WA as an organisation, and the City of Perth to learn to be more inclusive and support diversity.

“We are reaching out to ask for your feedback. We want to know how this situation has impacted you and how you are feeling, as well as your ideas and thoughts on the best course of action from here.”

Hosted digitally on Slido, the consultation includes a series of posed questions, as well as space to ask your own questions for TransFolk of WA or the wider community.

“This is especially relevant now, during Pride Month and just post Trans Awareness Week, where we have pledged to Celebrate, Educate, and Advocate,” the statement continues.

“This is a space to be heard, and contribute, and appreciate the enormous strength and beauty of the trans and gender diverse community. TransFolk of WA will continue to agitate and advocate for change, and for better recognition and support for our community.”

TransFolk of WA also shared with us some anonymous preliminary answers from the consultation, to give a guide on what issues are in the community consciousness.

“I was in the waiting room for top surgery when I heard the news on the TV,” one respondent said of the Lord Mayor’s comments.

“It made me feel angry and frustrated that another person in a position of power, with a loud voice and many eyes on them, could be so transphobic and ignorant.”

Another said they “felt like the people of Perth wouldn’t support my identity as a trans person.”

“Luckily, I have been shown lots of kindness from others in Perth.”

As well as their opinions on the Lord Mayor’s statements from 6PR, respondents have submitted advice on what could help and support them during this time.

“People given more of an opportunity to share their story,” one answer read.

“A more genuine commitment and plan by the City about how they plan to engage and learn from the trans community – include how they will tackle discrimination on their social media pages and in the general community that they govern,” they continued.

Another respondent called for more cisgender allies to speak up.

“Especially those in positions of power, publicly fighting against transphobia and helping to normalise trans experiences.”

TransFolk of WA’s Community Consultation is open until Sunday 6th December. For more information head to Facebook.

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