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Piano Bar | Downstairs at the Maj | Ends Sat Jan 28th | ★ ★ ★ ★

Piano Bar is intimate at the same time as being a raucous experience with drinking games and the occasional expletive, in a late night venue where you will be entertained and allowed to relax with the occasional hands in the air and sing along.

It’s like a group of friends in their lounge room singing and having drinks. Like people once enjoyed together, before television made us all passive consumers of entertainment.

Trevor Jones is an acclaimed legendary cabaret performer, pianist, singer. A multifaceted musician and entertainer based in Melbourne. Mr Jones has an impressive resume as Conductor, Musical Director, Voice Teacher, Choral Director, Music Educator, Cabaret Performer, Piano Bar Entertainer and Composer.

Trevor has performed as a piano bar entertainer all over the world. He brings his unique cabaret performances to Ace’s Cabaret downstairs at The Maj.

Trevor enamoured the audience with glee, one human voice at a piano with audience participation and the impromptu guest artist joining him onstage for a song and the occasional spasmodic laugh.

There is coarse language, adult themes and drinking games with every key change. The audience had their hands in the air, feet stomping and there were shrills and thrills for more song; the people loved him. Trevor Jones is a National Treasure… or is that National Trevor?

The piano bar is an excuse for therapy, musical therapy.With an extensive song repertoire spanning an unbelievable variety of styles from pop to rock, jazz and musical theatre. Trevor specialises in taking requests and occasional assistance from his audience to be his choir.

Creating a gutsy interactive atmosphere filled with joy and audience participation. Bring your songs along he wants to know what you want to hear him sing.

Trevor Jones has performed around the world from Amsterdam to Melbourne, including the Midsumma Festival, Melbourne and Tasmanian Cabaret Festival, Dresden, Germany and Perth.

Five years ago during the 2011 Perth’s Cabaret and Comedy Carnivale, Mr Jones brought the hilarious show Sticky Situations, where he presented live Grindr chats on stage displayed on a large screen. Bringing together anecdotes, songs and stories of the dating world in the 21st century.

A multitude of favourite songs to give your voice box a workout, including classics from the late George Michael, show tunes from Grease, 70s Rod Stewart, Queen, Inxs, Elton John and Kiki Dee.

Describing Piano Bar as a “show” is probably too strong a word, “it’s like you think you’re in a show, but it’s a f@*%ing piano”. Performed at the venue – Downstairs at the Maj, a unique below ground level space at His Majesty’s Theatre where during the four weeks of Fringe World you can see the finest in cabaret, comedy and burlesque.

Doors open one hour prior to each show allowing guests to relax with a drink and some tremendous food from the bar. Seating is cabaret style with intimate table seating allowing you to bring your friends together and make a night to unwind during the musical experience!

Catch Trevor Jones’ Piano Bar on Saturday 28th January from 10:15pm, Downstairs at the Maj. Tickets and more information available from Fringe World.

Guy Gomeze

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