TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ will come to a halt with Season 11

Long running TV series The Walking Dead will come to a close with it’s eleventh series in 2021 and 2022. The final season will be a massive 24 episodes and run over two years.

The current series was interrupted with the outbreak of Covid-19 leaving fans high and dry, and just episode away from the series finale.  Showrunner had already announced they’ll complete the finale episode and add on an additional six episodes to air early in 2021, meaning fans will have 31 episodes left to devour before it all winds up.

Over the run the show and been praised for it’s inclusion of LGBTIQ+ characters, but equally criticised for how regularly queer characters end up coming to sticky ends in the zombie infested universe of the show.

The world of the Walking Dead will not end with the conclusion of the series, there is already companion show Fear the Walking Dead, it’s sixth season will come to screens in October, and they’ve already announced new show The Walking Dead: World Beyond, that will run for two seasons.

Additionally there are plans for a spin-off show featuring popular characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier. The pair are the only characters who have remained on the show from the first season all the way through it’s more than a decade long journey. The character of Morgan Jones appeared in the show’s first season but has since transferred over to Fear the Walking Dead. 

Scott M. Gimple, who helms the many Walking Dead projects also has plans for an anthology series based on the show’s post-apocalyptic world. Plus there are plans for a series of three feature films features Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes. Lincoln who was the original central character of the show left during Season 9, but his story will be continued in the new projects.

So while the popular series might be coming to an end, the zombie plagued world will be with us well into the future.

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