Twitter Chat With Joel Creasey

DSC_0384In this month’s print edition of OUTinPerth we published our Twitter chat with comedian Joel Creasey.

A little bit of the conversation appeared on each page. If you didn’t manage to get a hold of a print copy here’s the whole chat.

Joel Creasey returns home to Perth next month to perform at the Perth International Comedy Festival.


OIP square logo smallHey @joelcreasey, are you ready and comfortable?


Joel Creasey iconI have a coffee in hand, bring it on.



OIP square logo smallYou know this morning when we looked for a photo of you to put on our website we had two choices…


OIP square logo smallChoice one was you naked, choice two you looked very young. Do you think you’re going to come to regret that naked pic?


Joel Creasey iconI already do. My parents have it framed and it’s in their hallway.



OIP square logo smallI guess they’ll never have to take out those embarrassing baby pics.


Joel Creasey iconMum’s a heavy drinker. She wouldn’t be able to find them.



OIP square logo smallYour new poster has lots of running mascara – discuss.


Joel Creasey iconMy new show is all about my emotions. I’m just like Beyonce. And all about being newly single – hence the tears.



OIP square logo smallA lot of boys wear make up nowadays, do you?


Joel Creasey iconOnly if it increases my chances of picking up. I’m actually allergic to make-up. So that was a longgg day!


OIP square logo smallYour new show is ‘The Drama Captain’, at the moment you’re performing in Adelaide at the Rhino Room, does it have, you know, a Rhino?


Joel Creasey iconThere is a big painting of a Rhino of the side of the building. It’s a quirky place. With v. hot staff. It’s great!



OIP square logo smallWe noticed on Facebook you offered to pash people who bought a ticket, is this offer be extended to the WA shows?


Joel Creasey iconI’ll happily pash people that come to my show. In fact I’ll pash basically anything. People, trees, lamp posts etc..


OIP square logo smallHave you taken your comedy overseas?


Joel Creasey iconNot yet. But the plan is Edinburgh and New York at the end of the year, which is both exciting and terrifying.


OIP square logo smallWhich is more terrifying – a home audience or a new audience?

Joel Creasey iconPossibly a home audience. Especially Perth. I tell quite personal stories and everybody knows everybody in Perth.


OIP square logo smallWe hate to break it to you, but everyone in Perth knows everyone in Melbourne too

Joel Creasey iconHave you heard about the naughty things I’ve been getting up to? Don’t tell Mum.

Jarrod HassellWas watching Sea Patrol last night, you could pass as 2Dads.















Joel Creasey iconHaha, I do know how to tie a reef knot.


OIP square logo smallWe’ll back that up Jarrod, Joel have you ever met actor Nickolai Nickoloff?


Joel Creasey iconNo but that takes the award for most random question ever, who is he?

OIP square logo smallHe’s the actor who plays 2Dads on Sea Patrol (we Googled)

Joel Creasey iconOh God. That was a blonde moment. Well, no, I haven’t met him. But when I do I’ll ask him for my face back.

OIP square logo smallThis has been fun but our time is up, look forward to seeing you when your home. Send us a selfie.

Joel Selfie

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