UK Police welcome first gender-fluid officer

A new initiative from Britain’s Metropolitan Police has encouraged the country’s first gender-fluid officer to reveal their identity in the workplace.

Callum/Abi, who has been an officer for 13 years, revealed their fluidity after receiving an email encouraging staff to “Bring Your Whole Self To Work.”

“The first time I walked into a Met building as Abi, I was hyperventilating so much I almost passed out. I’ve done it a handful of times since, and felt so happy that I got to be me at work,” they told The Sun.

“Abi is a part of me that exists and I want that part to be recognised and validated but I’m still me. I’m still the same person whether I’m presenting as Callum or Abi. It’s the same dice. You’re just looking at a different number.”

The officer is also able to use one of two identification cards, depending on how they identify in the moment.

OIP Staff

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