Vanessa Amorosi locks in a show at Perth’s Astor Theatre

Vanessa Amorosi

Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi is heading to Perth for a special acoustic show at The Astor Theatre in Mount Lawley.

Celebrating over twenty years in the music business, Amorosi has moved on to a new chapter in her career with her latest release Volume 1, which sees her singing soul and gospel music.

Returning from LA, where she’s been living for over a decade, this upcoming acoustic tour will include a show at The Astor Theatre on Thursday 17th June highlighting an intimate experience with Amorosi and her band.

Vanessa Amorosi has enjoyed a career that has seen her release six albums of material and sell over two million records across the globe. With each release she’s explored different styles and facets of music, and with each new record she’s continued to build her fan base.

One of the big highlights of the singer’s career was when she performed at the closing of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, her song Absolutely Everybody serving as a memory trigger for Australians in the two decades since the big night. In 2019 Amorosi put her hand up to represent Australia at Eurovision, taking part in the SBS Eurovision Australia Decides program. Facing some stiff competition she lost out to Kate Miller-Heike who headed to Tel Aviv.

The singer says there’s always been elements of gospel in her music, but with this new EP she’s diving deep into the genre.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love and passion for Gospel arrangements and counter-melodies, for the past 10 years here in Los Angeles I’ve had the opportunity to work in this genre. If you listen closely you’ll hear hints of this in all my previous work, including my first record from 2000.”

Tickets are available at The Astor Theatre.

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