WA AIDS Council searches for a new name

The Western Australian AIDS Council is welcoming suggestions for a new name for the organisation.

More than 30 years after the organisation was formed its operations have grown to encompass a wide range of activities, many of which are not represented by their current name.

In a video explaining their desire to rebrand the organisation the WA AIDS Council say its long history of taking a holistic approach to health has also seen in expand into areas of mental health, youth support, empowerment programs and education.

The use of the term AIDS is also rapidly becoming very outdated and most similar organisations have also changed their names in recent years. The AIDS Council of New South Wales rebranded as ACON many years ago, and Victoria’s organisation renamed itself Thorne Harbour Health after two of its founding members.

In the video the WA AIDS Council notes its services include The Freedom Centre, Inclusive Education, The M Clinic, needle exchange programs and counselling services for the broader community and LGBT community.

“We need a name that promotes healthy, inclusive and safe communities,” the organisation said in their video presentation.

Check out the video. 

OIP Staff

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