WA Labor pledge to fund Safe Schools if elected

♦ WA Labor pledges to fund Safe Schools Coalition program if elected

♦ Shadow Minister Sue Ellery describes the program as a lifesaver

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Shadow Education Minister Sue Ellery announced today the a McGowan Labor government in WA would fund the Safe Schools Coalition program.

Ellery was speaking at a political rally in central Perth this afternoon that called on the federal government to reinstate the program.

The federal government announced that last month that the program that aims to reduce LGBTIQ+ bullying would have significant changes to its curriculum and it’s funding would be scrapped in 2017.

Ellery said a McGowan government would fund the program on a state level if they won the next Western Australian election.

In a statement announcing the funding commitment Ellery said the Liberal party had created real uncertainty around the programs future.

The shadow education minister said her view was the program was one that saved lives and the feedback she’s received was that it had support from parents and teachers.

“I support the Safe Schools program because it works.” Ellery said. “I support Safe Schools because school leaders, school principals, teachers and students have told me that this program saves lives.”

The announcement commits $350,000 a year to Safe Schools Coalition over four years allowing it to operate in any public secondary school that requests the program.

Watch Sue Ellery’s speech below. 

Ellery noted the counter protest from the Reclaim Australia movement saying they were out of touch with the majority of the country.

“People who use our nation’s name motivated by hate do not speak for the majority of Australians.” Ellery said.

The move from WA Labor echoes an announcement from Victoria’s Labor government who have bluntly told the federal government that they have no intention of changing the program’s curriculum and would fund it in it’s existing format.

Graeme Watson


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