Welsh artist Gwenno dances through existential crisis on ‘An Stevel Nowydh’

After kicking off the year with a tour across Australia, Welsh chanteuse and electronic producer Gwenno today announces her new album Tresor, released July 1 via Heavenly Recordings.

To celebrate the occasion, Gwenno has shared the first single, An Stevel Nowydh, an irresistible psych-pop gem which comes accompanied by an intriguing, visually striking, self-directed video.

An Stevel Nowydh (The New Room) is a song about finding yourself somewhere entirely new and realising that you’re completely lost, and acknowledging that the only thing to do in an existential crisis is to don your favourite hat and dance!” Gwenno said of the track.

“The short is part of a longer film that I’ve created with Anglesey-born filmmaker Clare Marie Bailey due to be revealed this summer. It was shot on Super 8 in Bryn Celli Ddu, Mynydd Parys, and Porth Ia (St Ives) during Summer 2021, it was edited by Joan Pope and stars the incomparable Eddie Ladd as ‘Greddf’ (Instinct).”

Tresor (“Treasure”) is Gwenno Saunders’ third full length solo album and the second almost entirely in Cornish (Kernewek).

Written in St. Ives, Cornwall, just prior to the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and completed at home in Cardiff during the pandemic along with her co-producer and musical collaborator, Rhys Edwards, Tresor reveals an introspective focus on home and self, a prescient work echoing the isolation and retreat that has been a central, global shared experience over the past two years.

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