Wet weather leaves the Dogs’ Refuge Home full to the brim

Lower adoption figures and record numbers of dogs and puppies surrendered to The Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park have left the shelter with no room, leading to appeals to the Perth community to visit the refuge if they are considering adopting a dog.

Dogs’ Refuge Home President Karen Rhodes says the Home is completely full to capacity, with an unusually high number of dogs having being rescued by the shelter from both local and regional areas, including Geraldton.

“Unfortunately, we can’t rescue any more dogs until we have re-homed some of the 100+ rescued animals we currently have in our kennels, and we need the Perth community to help us by either adopting or considering putting their hand up to foster one of our dogs temporarily to free up space for dogs we currently can’t take in,” Rhodes says.

“We’re appealing to anyone in the community who is keen to find a new addition to their family to brave the weather and come and visit us. The cold and wet weather can deter people from visiting the Home to adopt, but it’s the best time for you to come and rescue a dog from a soggy kennel, taking them back to a warm and cosy home.”

“Giving a previously abandoned or neglected dog a second chance at a happy life is a wonderful thing to do, and we think that rescue dogs make the most loyal companions. We currently have so many dogs available we cannot fit them all into our public facing kennels. Please check our website www.dogshome.org.au to view all available dogs.”

Rhodes said that it was hard to pinpoint what had caused the surge in abandoned dogs, but that owners needed to be more responsible and prevent unwanted litters by having their dogs sterilized.

“While we are desperate to urgently re-home the dogs in our care, we are also keen to get across the message that acquiring a dog is a commitment of up to 16 years, it’s a long term responsibility and a big decision, not one that should be taken lightly.

“We have very stringent re-homing policies and only want responsible dog owners to adopt the dogs in our care,” she adds.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home rescues and re-homes around 1400 dogs and puppies each year. It remains a charitable, not for profit organisation which is self-funded and relies on donations from dog lovers throughout the community to fund its rescue work.

The Dogs’ Refuge Home has a pro-life policy and does not euthanase any healthy, re-homable animal in its care.

Source: Media Release

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