World champion skier Gus Kenworthy comes out

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Olympic medallist Gus Kenworthy has come out as gay in a recent interview with ESPN.

Kenworthy told the magazine that he wanted to reach the top of his game before he revealed his sexual orientation, saying that his silver win at the Sochi Winter Olympics wasn’t enough.

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“I didn’t want to come out as the silver medallist from Sochi,” he told ESPN, “I wanted to come out as the best freeskier in the world.” Kenworthy had announced his retirement earlier this year, though he ended up finishing the season as the world number one.

Gus’ friend Miley Cyrus posted her support on Instagram, praising Kenworthy for his decision to come out.

  Kenworthy told ESPN he looks forward to having a “TV boyfriend”, discussing the difficulties of hiding your sexuality in the public eye.

The skier corroborated his interview with a tweet, simply writing “I am gay.”

He takes a mean selfie too.

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