Yungblud delivers on his rainbow promise in Poland

Musician Yungblud painted a rainbow on the street outside his recent show in Poland, fulfilling a promise he made to a queer Polish fan.

In 2020 Yungblud shared a photo of him standing on a rainbow painted street in London’s Camden neighbourhood. A young fan from Poland said she wished their were rainbow covered streets in her homeland where the government has declared certain parts of the country ‘free of homosexuality’.

Yungblud made a promise to the fan replying, “The pavements will be painted in beautiful colours. I’m gonna paint the f***in street myself outside the venue next time I am there. We will keep fighting. all my love is with you.”

This week when the musician played a show in Poland he kept his word, surrounded by fans he adorned the street outside his concert with a rainbow.

“It’s about a generation that will come together to enact positive change in this world and the people who try to hold onto an old ideology that will hold us back will inevitably fail because we’ll outgrow them all. Never, ever, be ashamed to be who you are. I promise you we’re winning, even if they don’t see it yet. Be proud of who you are.” Yungblud said in his narration of the video.

Yungblud shared that he is pansexual back in 2020. His world tour will arrive in Perth in later July for a show at The Astor.

OIP Staff

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