77 Christian Ministers Show Marriage Equality Support

Kevin RuddA group of Australian Christian Ministers have spoken out against the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), who recently claimed that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has lost the support of the Church by supporting same-sex marriage.

In a letter sent to Australian Marriage Equality (AME), 77 Ministers from Anglican, Baptist, Uniting, Jewish and Buddhist groups expressed their support for marriage equality.

The letter reads,

“As clergy from various different faiths and denominations in Australia, we believe marriage is a fundamental institution in our society. It fosters greater commitment between partners, provides children with a sense of security and stability, and strengthens ties with families and communities. Marriage is a blessing to be shared, so we encourage people of faith who support marriage equality to voice their support for the reform by responding to the House of Representatives enquiry on same-sex marriage today”.

National Convenor for AME, Alex Greenwich emphasised how clergies were sending a clear example of changing views,

 “These Clergy value the security and recognition that comes with marriage, and are calling for this important right to be extended to loving and committed same-sex couples.”

 “Some of the clergy were once opposed to marriage equality, but have gone on the same journey of acceptance that a majority of Australians have”.

Christians throughout the country are distancing themselves from the extreme anti-gay views expressed by the ACL,

“The majority of Australian Christians who support marriage equality are pleased to see Australia has a Christian Prime Minister who represents their views”, said Baptist Minister Reverend Mike Hercock.

“Marriage is not a club to be restricted to some. Like the Gospel, it is a blessing to be shared’, said Reverend Dr Rowland Croucher.

Prime Minister Rudd recently switched his stance on same-sex marriage, attributing his change to experiences with gay colleagues and the views of his family.

 Nadine Walker

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