Abbie Chatfield highlights that she is bisexual not gay

Reality TV star Abbie Chatfield has slammed media outlets for inaccurately labeling her sexuality. Last week several news outlets ran stories declaring the star of The Bachelor and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here declaring Chatfield had declared she was gay, but she’s been quick to point out she has never used those words.

In a classic case of bi-erasure, the jungle queen has been moved from the B through to the the G of the LGBTIQA+ acronym. Chatfield shared her frustration on her Instagram account highlighting that she’s always been very specific in how she labeled her sexuality.

“Just need to clarify, I’ve never said ‘I am gay’ ’cause I’m not,” Chatfield wrote over the top of the first of a series of videos she posted. “I’m bi and I talk about it very openly and regularly. I said it in an interview.”

Chatfield said she was frustrated that the media were making things up, and displaying a quote that does not correspond with things she has said.

In the latest edition of her podcast It’s a Lot titled The Mid-Pussy-Eating-Am-I-Gay Moment with Peach PRC. In the episode Chatfield and TikTok identity Peach discuss a wide range of issues, including their individual experiences of when they came to realise they were bisexual.

In the episode the pair discussed how some people are aware of the range of their sexuality from an early age, but for both of them it wasn’t something they were innately aware of, and it’s still something they are trying to understand about themselves.

Chatfield shared her frustration that the nuanced conversation could quickly be converted to a coming out as gay story.

OIP Staff 15-02-21 2:29pm The title of this article was updated in response to reader feedback.

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