Academic Dr Joseph Brennan moves into the world of gay erotica

A new work of gay erotica is now available worldwide in hardback and -book formats. It marks the fiction debut of Australian Dr Joseph Brennan — an international academic authority on male sexuality, best known for his scholarship on male sex, gay pornography and queerbaiting.

Instead of writing academic papers, Brennan has instead shared a story set on the high seas.

Loose Lips tells the story of Olli Turner, a Clydebank dockyards sexual adventurer who, after estrangement from his father, decides to stow away on the RMS Queen Elizabeth — the world’s largest ocean liner, forced to set sail even before she is finished.

Elizabeth, whose reign as the largest liner ever built will exceed two decades, was built up rivet by rivet through his formative years and watched over Olli’s sexual awakening. Staying with her will, he believes, carry him to a new world of landed men. But it is 1940 and war is brewing. The short coastal voyage to Southampton he was expecting turns out to be a daring dash across the Atlantic and just the start of a years-long life at sea.

Jospeh Brennan said his debut novel does not shy away from the taboo.

Loose Lips follows Olli’s search for sex, love and meaning among to-war men in a world hostile to his kind. Inspired by actual events, it’s part historical and part sexual adventure, where our hero is helped by his first love: the formative experience of anonymous sex with dockyards men that solidifies an autonomous sexual adventurer identity.”

Brennan said the book is quite explicit and dives into aspects of fetish within gay sex cultures, including sex acts some might consider taboo. The novel’s more diverse sexual repertoire is also a challenge by the author to the somewhat limiting criteria many publishers in today’s gay erotic market impose on their authors.

Loose Lips is available wherever good books are sold and via many online retailers. 

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