ACL boss Lyle Shelton on Q&A this Monday



Lyle Shelton, the executive director of the Australian Christian Lobby is one of the guest panelists on this week’s edition of ‘Q&A’.

Shelton will be sitting alongside gay rights activist Dr Kerryn Phelps, who is a former president of the Australian Medical Association.

Liberal MP Bruce Billson will also be sliding up a chair to the table. Mr Billson was dumped as Small Business Minister when Malcolm Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott as PM.

Mr Billson’s opposed to marriage equality, he previously said same sex couples marrying would diminish the rights of people in traditional marriages.

“It is quite ironic that this charge for rights is being pursued by diminishing the rights of those who have chosen to designate their relationship a traditional marriage.” Billson told parliament in 2010.

Labor’s Anna Burke, who is a former speaker of the house, will also be on the show. Ms Burke has a moderately positive voting record on marriage equality according to website They Vote For You.

The fifth panelist will be Michelle Levine the CEO of research firm Roy Morgan.  Ms Levine joined Roy Morgan in 1983 and became their CEO in 1992. Last year the company published research showing that more Australians are comfortable letting people know they are gay.

Given the recent furor around the Safe Schools Coalition, combined with the ongoing debate about the proposed marriage plebiscite – we’re sure this is an episode LGBTIQ+ people and their families will want to tune in for.

Video questions and email questions can be submitted to the show via the Q&A website.

‘Q&A’ is on in Western Australia on ABC News24 at 6:30pm for the live broadcast, and at 9:35pm on ABC1.

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