Actor Thomas Dekker comes out as gay

Actor Thomas Dekker, who starred in the TV shoes Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Secret Circle has announced that he is gay.

Dekker also shared that he’d gotten married to his husband back in April. In a statement the actor said another gay man, who was accepting an award at a high profile awards ceremony, had recently alluded to him coming out.

The actor said that the man had not named him, but given enough details for fans to recognise him. Dekker said he had never come out prior to his own announcement, and chastised others for taking away his ‘coming out’ moment.

Entertainment journalist have suggested his comments related to a statement made by Heroes writer Bryan Fuller at an OUTfest event. Fuller said the management team of one of the actors on the show were insistent that their clients character not be written as gay, as it might limit the actors future casting opportunities.

Dekker said he acknowledged that celebrities ‘coming out’ had a very positive benefit for the wider LGBTIQ community but it was also a personal decision that nobody should be rushed into.

One of Dekker’s most recent roles has been playing a gay character on the TV show Backstrom. He previously appeared in Gregg Araki’s 2010 film Kaboom. 

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