Ad featuring same sex coupling one of the most complained about of 2017

A television ad from iSelect is one of the most complained about TV ads in Australia in 2017.

The Advertising Standards Bureau have just released their annual list of the ten most complained about advertisements, and the ad from iSelect scrapes in to the list in the number ten spot.

The 30 second TV ad compares finding an electricity provider to finding the right sexual partner. A woman switches off her bedside light and a variety of different options appear.

After a series of choices she’s not impressed with an iSelect representative appears at the endof the bed to help her access all the options, the voice over in the ad announces ‘It could be something you didn’t even know you wanted.”

When the light turns on for the final time, the rotation of men has been replaced by a seductive looking woman.

The ads lead to a bombardment of complaints about it’s appropriateness. In it’s report about the ad earlier this year the Advertising Standards Board shared a few of the seventy two submissions it received.

One complainant said the advertisement lauded same sex relationships over heterosexuality.

It suggests that same sex relationships are better than opposite sex relationships. It takes the whole pro-gay message to another level, beyond normalising it to lauding it. This whole argument should not be a part of something as simple as selling electricity.

Another unhappy viewer declared that ‘normal’ relationships involved a man and a woman.

I was offended by the suggestion is this ad that a woman should change her male partner for a female one thus promoting lesbianism in favour of a normal male/female relationship.

One viewer declared same-sex relationships were inappropriate.

I object to and am offended by, the content of the ad, showing that it’s ok for a person to change several partners AND the final option being the inappropriate choice of a woman, suggesting a homosexual relationship!

Other complained that the advertisement promoted promiscuity

The ad was offensive on a number of levels. One way that it was offensive was in the way that it likened choosing a sex partner to something trivial like choosing ice cream or an insurance provider. We believe that sex is sacred and is actually a bonding of two souls for ever.

The inclusion of a lesbian bed partner was not the only issue raised about the advertisement. Some complainants noted that the character was a bad portrayal of lesbians, while many said the ad was not suitable to screen when children might be present, or on the Easter long weekend.

One disgruntled viewers was angry that the add suggested older lovers could not be as satisfying as younger options, while another said the ad devalued marriages.

The complaints against the ad were dismissed and it continued to air.

The most complained about ad in 2017 was from Ultra Tune, while spots from  YouFoodz, Sportsbet, AMII, Industry Super Fund and Neds also make the Top 10.

In 2017 the Advertising Standards Bureau dealt with over 6,300 complaints, nearly a third of the complaints related to the spots included in the Top 10 list.

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