Alice at Wonderland

Alice Mod checks out the Wonderland Festival

Music festivals make me smile like almost nothing else. People, music, dancing, drinks, happiness, sunshine. I don’t see how anyone could want anything else.

This year I visited Wonderland for the first time. The line up was good. A couple of people I’d seen before and loved, some I’d wanted to see, and a couple of newbies to my repertoire. But realistically a festival is so much more than the line up. Here’s my breakdown of the day.

Artists 8/10

As I said, they were great. Allday smashed it, so did the Silent Disco guys and Wave Racer were great. The stand out for the day was Rufus. It’s the third time I’ve seen them in a year and they did not disappoint.

Layout 9/10 

I love Supreme Court Gardens. Its a great venue. There’s enough space to mean it’s not too cramped but it didn’t feel empty.

Vibe 9.5/10

It was so chilled and relaxed. I felt brilliant, at home and welcome. I didn’t meet one dickhead all day, which is an achievement

Silent disco 8/10

Oh dear Silent Disco, be-still my heart. If it’s done well, I love this part of a festival. The music was sick and as I broke my friends silent disco virginity I knew the guys were going to own this.

Downfall? It was hot in that tent!!

VIP 7/10

I love VIP areas at festivals. They give you shade, better toilets and (truthfully) make you feel important. They nailed this area with a massive bar and umbrellas.

Food 6/10 

Getting food right at these things is hard. Most people just want the option for chips and chicken, but some want fancy stuff. There was a good range of festival food and it was dotted around the maths area nicely.

Music between sets 8.5/10 

This was great! A perfect mix of party vibes, old school tunes and new bangers. This can be hard to get right but it was really good.

Sound quality 7/10

Sitting in the VIP area, you lost a lot of sound quality but it was basically a tent, so that’s understandable. During Waveracer, the volume seemed to drop slightly but it came back up for Rufus.

Stalls 7/10 

These had a pretty hippy focus. They were ok and have you the option to have your face painted, hair braided, have a taro card reading, bedazzle your face, or get your body painted or hennaed.

Attendees and Outfits 8/ 10 

Turbos were and far between at Wonderland and all shirts were kept on. I didn’t see one outfit that was offensive and everyone seemed happy and glad to be there.

Wonderland 78/100

If the lineup was good, I’d definitely head back and I can see this festival really picking up. It worked perfectly and having it on a Saturday was awesome!

I think the ticket price was worth what you got, and it was a pretty perfect day.
Alice Mod


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