‘Ammonite’ brings a 19th-century lesbian romance to the screen

Saiorse Ronan and Kate Winslet fall in love in an upcoming film from director Francis Lee, set in 1840s England.

Ammonite is inspired by the story of renowned British palaeontologist Mary Anning (Winslet) and her relationship with geologist Charlotte Murchison (Ronan).

The film explores the women’s blossoming relationship as they come together from different worlds, as Murchison becomes Anning’s apprentice in her search for fossils along the British shore.

Ammonite takes creative liberty with Anning’s story, seeing her turn to selling fossils to tourists as she struggles to support her dying mother.

The film also stars Fiona Shaw, Alec Sacareanu, James McArdle and Gemma Jones, under the direction of God’s Own Country‘s Francis Lee.

Ammonite is due for release this November.

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