Anthony Venn-Brown answers the questions in ‘You Can’t Ask That’

Anthony Venn-Brown is one of several Australia’s sitting down in the front of the cameras for the new series of You Can’t Ask That. 

The first episode of the new series is available for download on Wednesday 28 April at 9pm and focusses on Cheaters. Creators said this is the episode that has taken them years to make.

When they put out the call for people who had cheated on their partners to appear in the episode, we were met with a stony silence. But finally, after years of planning, here’s a group who bravely take a seat and face possibly the harshest questions ever asked on You Can’t Ask That.

The show’s concept is simple, everyday Australians anonymously asked questions to a group of Australians who are often marginalised and misunderstood.  Previous series have asked questions of a wide range of people including drag performers, people who are blind, people who have killed someone, transgender people and gambling addicts.

Venn-Brown, who has been a leading voice on religion and sexuality shares his story of being a married Christian Minister while also concealing his homosexuality and eventually embarking on a homosexual affair.

One of the issues the participants talk about in the episode is forgiveness, from former partners and also self-forgiveness.

“You have to be able to forgive yourself.” Venn-Brown says during the episode, before adding, “but that can be quite a journey.”

The participants honestly answer some confronting questions about their decision making, regrets and the outcomes of their choices. The respondents have a wide range of backgrounds of personal scenarios that they share.

The series goes on to explores ex-football players, OCD, amputees, missing persons, lesbians, Chinese Australians and adult virgins in coming episodes which will be available to binge view on iView and airing weekly at 9.00pm on Wednesday nights.

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