Antic: Deves and Chandler are the future of the parliament

Senator Alex Antic

South Australian Liberal senator Alex Antic has voiced his support for Warringah candidate Katherine Deves, saying she and fellow ‘Save Women’s Sport’ campaigner, Tasmanian senator Claire Chandler are the “future of the parliament” who could “save the country”.

“People like Katherine Deves and Claire Chandler are the future of this parliament if we want to save this country.” Senator Antic said during a  TV interview on Sunday morning, saying the Liberal party needed to fight the “culture wars”.

Antic recently quizzed bureaucrats at Senate Estimates asking different department heads if they could define what a woman is. Speaking to the Sky News program Outsiders Antic said officials inability to provide an adequate definition showed that there had been a takeover of government departments by people who followed “radical gender theory”.

“This long march through the institutions, it’s not halfway there, the march has been finished, and they’re all at the other end smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. The march, it’s done, it’s through the institutions.”

“Eighty percent of people in this country believe that girls sports should be for girls. Fourteen year old girls should not be playing against 14-year-old boys, it’s as simple as that, and the sooner we get back to that, the sooner politicians, particularly conservatives muscle up and have the courage to call it out the better we’ll all be, because at the moment those who say otherwise are getting a free reign.” Antic said.

“It’s time for conservatives to toughen up, it’s time for conservatives to get back into politics.” Senator Antic said. “We need to be selecting candidates like Katherine Deves who will take that fight to parliament.”

Senator Antic also took a swipe at NSW Liberal treasurer Matt Kean, who called for Deves to be disendorsed by the party.

“This is what happens when you get someone from the reserves trying to play in the A-grade, it’s not worth it.” Senator Antic said. The senator immediately withdrew his remark, saying it was a “cheap shot”.

His advice for the NSW Treasurer however was to take advice from former US President Ronald Regan who said “You got to dance with the one that ‘brung’ you.” Senator Antic said the Liberal party needed to learn from their recent defeat at the South Australian election.

“There’s this inherent feel that Liberals can dance with the green-left voters while they leave the Liberal voters leaning up against the wall smoking a cigarette at the dance, and history shows that doesn’t end well.” Senator Antic said, saying the party needed to focus on family values, freedom of association and freedom of speech.

On Saturday Prime Minister Scott Morrison ruled out dumping Katherine Deves as the candidate in Warringah despite her having to issue multiple apologies for comments she’d made in the past.

Senator Antic’s appearance on Outsiders followed a eight and half minute tirade from host Rowan Dean who rallied against transgender women and girls being able to participate in competitive sport, and criticism of government officials not being able to provide a definition of “what is a woman”.

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