‘ARCO Snr’ Adam Kelly’s revamped show about autism is here

The much-anticipated revamp of Adam Kelly’s award-winning show about living with autism is here. ARCO Snr, a compelling personal story of yearning and optimism, will play – for a strictly limited season – at the new DADAA Theatre in Fremantle from the 5-9 October 2021.

“Autism itself is really difficult to explain. It’s not simply something that effects how I function; it is how I am wired. Asking me how autism feels like is pretty much like asking a fish if it knows it’s in water. I guess that as I am autistic, but adapted slightly to the neurotypical world, metaphorically I am neither fully a fish (autistic) nor a land creature (neurotypical) but rather an amphibian.” Adam Kelly said of the condition that inspires his theatrical creation.

This delightful show, enhanced by the rousing animations of local artist Ben Hollingsworth, and directed by WAYTCo Artistic Director James Berlyn, takes a heartfelt look at the life and struggles of a young autistic gentleman trying to make connections with the people and world around him. Winner of the ECU Performing Arts Award, Adam asks gently of his audience to consider life from his perspective.

“Who here hasn’t been rejected?” asks Adam Kelly, creator of ARCO Snr. “This is my story of endurance, learning, adaptation, and optimism. Everyone can identify with it and have some fun at the same time.”

WA Youth Theatre Company continues to produce award-winning, bold and intimate theatre experiences for audiences in Western Australia, and ARCO Snr is no different. This new collaboration with DADAA is an exciting indication that WAYTCo is taking the transformative capacity of youth theatre to new heights, making work that simultaneously unpacks what it means to be different and human and extending its reach to all Australians.

The show is playing from 5-9 October, 7:30pm at the new DADDA theatre in the Old Fremantle Boys School,  92 Adelaide St, Fremantle. There is an AUSLAN interpreted event on 8th October and and Audio Description will be provided during the performance on 9th October.

Find out more at the WAYTCo website. 

OIP Staff

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