Asbjørn shares the video for his Pride song ‘Be Human’

Danish singer Asbjørn has shared a new video, the third in a series of Pride related works he’s created.

His latest track ‘Be Human’ explores his childhood experiments with gender identity and asks if we can all just be accepted as human?

The singer who performed at World Pride in Copenhagen earlier this year said it’s important to remember that young people need support and recognition all through they year.

“I am very grateful for the exposure my queer colleagues and I receive in mainstream media during Pride. But queer youth doesn’t only need representation once a year. They need support every single day, so nobody grows up feeling wrong in our society”, Asbjørn’s says and adds: “I definitely needed someone like me to look up to in my childhood.”

Take a look at the new clip. 

The trilogy of videos was created in collaboration with the Danish documentary filmmaker Kathrine Skibsted.

Asbjørn’s third LP Boyology will be released on January 28 on Embassy of Music.

OIP Staff, images: Johanna Hvidtved

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