Australian Christian Lobby says Pride month is the marketing of a sin

The Australian Christian Lobby described Pride month as the marketing of sin. In a video posted to YouTube Martyn Iles, the group’s Managing Director rallied against the global celebration that promoted gay, lesbian, transgender and intersex rights.

Iles argues that amongst all the marketing and promotion of Pride month people have forgotten the true meaning of the word ‘Pride’.

“The word pride is in fact a word that symbolises a pretty serious sin. It’s one of the seven deadly sins in scripture.” Iles said in his latest video blog.

The lobby group’s leader said that Pride is about people thinking they themselves are like God, and only accountable to their own truths rather than those outlined in the Bible, with a speech rallying against same-sex relationships, transgender people, non-gendered language, and Pride flag.

“At it’s most advanced pride sees a person exalt themselves as a God, is so far as they determine for themselves what is good and what is evil. This is the origin of that notion ‘my truth'” Iles said making air quotes. “In other words, I get to decide, I’m accountable to nothing outside of myself, I even get to decide what is right and wrong, cause the only right and wrong is the right and wrong for me.”

Iles goes on to share his suspicions about why the pride rainbow flag only has six colours, while a rainbow occurring in nature has seven colours.

“It doesn’t have seven colours like the rainbows of nature. The pride flag has six colours and as we know in scripture, seven is God’s number of perfection and completion but six is the number of man. So there is a profound theological significance in that flag. It really is a flag to the pride of men rebelling against what God is said.”

Iles said he had no evidence to back up his claims.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence but I’ve always found that very hard to believe. There must be something more in it.”

The Pride flag, which was designed by Gilbert Baker, was flown for the first time on this day in 1978. Originally the flag featured eight colours, but it was later reduced to six colours.

The decision to remove the aqua and pink stripes from the original design were due to a difficultly in obtaining the required fabric, and a desire to have an even number of colours.

The flag was originally designed because many people wanted a new symbol for the gay and lesbian communities. Prior to the creation of the rainbow flag the most prominent visual symbol for LGBT rights was the Pink Triangle, the symbol assigned to gay men in concentration camps by the Nazi regime.

Over the years there have been many variations on the design. In 2017 Baker himself created a nine stripe version of the flag, adding an extra stripe of lavender to represent diversity. The updated flag was released following the election of President Donald Trump.

In recent years the Progress flag designed by Daniel Quasar has also been popular, it incorporates elements of the Transgender flag and the Black Lives Matter flag. While another design created by Valentino Vecchietti adds to Intersex flag to the Progress flag.

OIP Staff

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