Australian Christian Lobby says Black Lives Matter is anti-Christ

The Australian Christian Lobby has voiced its opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement describing it as the opposite of what Christians stand for, while linking the movement to a long list of other issues.

In the group’s latest email to its followers, ACL Managing Director Martyn Iles says he’s on a mission to expose the political movement as a front for other political beliefs including “queer-affirmation”.

“I have tried to expose the fact that Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist organisation with a host of political agendas that go directly against all that we, as Christians, stand for. Deconstructing the nuclear family, queer-affirmation, abortion, transgenderism, unforgiveness and violence and anarchy, for starters. It’s all in their creed, on their website. It’s anti-Christ.” Iles wrote.

On his Facebook page, Iles described the political movement as a front for multiple issues including “trans-liberation”, and said it is a “movement that hates the gospel at its core.”

Last week the organisation argued on its website that there was scant evidence that people of colour were more likely to be hurt or killed by the police, and suggested that black people in the USA were statistically more likely to be the perpetrator of a homicide against police.

While the organisation has voiced its opposition to the movement on its website, their most blunt messages have been saved for their direct mail campaign to followers and social media posts.

Despite constantly rallying against the LGBTI community, Iles has drawn on queer culture for the title of one of his blog posts against the movement, quoting 80’s queer band Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Two Tribes Goes to War.

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