Bar apologises for homophobic sign


A Melbourne bar has issued an apology after clients complained about a sign declaring ‘No Poofter drinks”.

Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment in Fitzroy received a swarm of negative  comments on its Facebook page after customers complained about a sign hanging in the bar.

The sign listed a range of things not available in the bar including no soy, no teas and no poofter drinks.

When some clients highlighted that they considered the sign offensive it lead to a heated discussion on the bar’s Facebook page. One client commented; “Homophobia is alive and well in this business. Time for management to grow up.”

While another person defended the use of the phrase “The sign may not have been overly funny, but the gross overreaction by precious wankers has been hilarious. Get a grip people. ‘poofta drink’ is part of the Aussie venaculer [sic]. We use it daily in our little gay circle.”

Owner Steve Miller said the sign had been up for seven years, was not meant to cause offence and people, including gay customers, found it hilarious.

“If I’ve given offence to anybody, I unconditionally apologise. I unreservedly apologise.” Mr Miller told The Herald Sun. The bar owner has invited anyone concerned about the sign to head down to the bar and chat to him about it.

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