Bibliophile: ‘365 Gays of the Year’ is the coffee table book we all need

365 Gays of the Year
Lewis Laney
Murdoch Books

Lewis Laney’s chunky coffee table book 365 Gays of the Year has a simple premise, an entry for each day of the year highlighting an LGBTIQA+ person or ally that is of note.

From 1st of January until 31st December there’s an interesting person for each day of the year, including someone for leap years too. A short bio is presented for each entry, alongside an illustration from Charlotte MacMillan-Scott.

It’s one of those books that easily sits on your coffee table or by your desk for daily updates or to flick though in moments on interlude. Guaranteed you’ll discover some people you’ve never heard of before, alongside familiar faces and there’s a couple of Australians among the pages too.

We know from writing OUTinPerth’s regular On This Gay Day posts that there are some days that are filled with LGBTIQA+ history and achievements, and others which are more challenging to find content for, and Lewis has certainly had to dive deep to link some of the worthy people highlighted in this book to certain dates, but full points for filling all 366 dates.

While you probably know lots about icons like Larry Kramer, Marsha P Johnson and Freddie Mercury, this is a great book to discover lesser-known people like Dora Richter, Dick Leitsch, Hannah Höch, and Flora Murray.

It’s also a handsome looking tome, hardcover, an inch thick, and with beautiful sparkly titles. It’s a sexy looking book.

365 Gays of the Year is available now. 

Graeme Watson 

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