Bibliophile: Beccy Cole’s Poster Girl

Beccy ColePoster Girl

by Beccy Cole

Hachette Australia

From her earliest years, Rebecca wanted to follow in her mother into performing Country music. Music had brought her parents together and there was always a vinyl record spinning on the turntable in their house. Born in 1972, she grew up in the Adelaide Hills and tumbled around with her older brother and his friends. Daydreaming at school, she was good at football and karate but also incredibly shy.

At three, she fell in love with Dolly Parton and by 14 years of age, her bedroom walls were covered with pictures of Dolly. At 16, she left home to try her luck in Sydney as a singer and her hard work was rewarded with a Country Music Golden Guitar. Recounting her life-story, she writes about so many character-building experiences along the way to being one of the most popular singer/songwriters in Australia today.

Beccy discovered many of the pitfalls for young singers the hard way through a series of exploitative managers and also found herself a casualty of entrenched sexism in the country music industry. More importantly, she writes about the many artists who have influenced her music, the people who have guided and supported her and the life-long friends who have been at her side.

She is able to write with retrospective wisdom about the whole sex thing, her discovery of the missing part of the puzzle and how her insecurities led her into abusive relationships. She writes that “Even strong people get caught in an abusive relationship. It happens without you even noticing it. As soon as we have an understanding of our self-worth, though, more strength than we could imagine kicks in”.

Finally Beccy writes about announcing that she is a lesbian to the world and maintains that coming out is a gift that keeps giving. “After years of writing songs from my heart, being honest about my feelings and views through performance and sings, I felt sad that I hadn’t been able to put my hand up and tell the whole truth”.

I’m glad that Beccy Cole has shared her journey of discovery in such an honest way as there are probably many people who share similar stories. She’s overcome so many obstacles and been able to take control of her life and find love.

Lezly Herbert

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