Boyfriend gives No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl’ the hyper-pop treatment

The next taste of Boyfriend’s upcoming highly-anticipated debut album Sugar & Spice is a modern hyper-pop makeover of No Doubt’s iconic Just A Girl.

Feeding into the ethos of her artistry, this song has been a jab at gender norms since it was first released in the mid-nineties. Boyfriend aims to give the track a new air of playful defiance.

“Ever since I started doing music I’ve been told to release cover songs, (usually by some industry person convinced that’s what would make me a star, cue eye roll) but as a songwriter, I always wanted to put my words out into the world, not someone else’s,” says Boyfriend on covering No Doubt.

“But Just A Girl already perfectly says what I want to say, as it does pirouettes on the razor’s edge of satire where I, as a songwriter, love to balance and dance.”

Sugar & Spice will be released in its entirety on September 9, seeing the New Orleans-based artist accompanied by a spectacular array of her favorite femme collaborators including longtime musical associate Big Freedia, TikTok star Bailey Flores, Los Angeles-based psych outfit Death Valley Girls, and more.

The album also includes big-name production from Gold Glove (Slayyyter, Big Freedia), Little Shalimar (Run The Jewels, Trixie Whitley), KC Da Producer (Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, T.I.), and Not A Friend (Gia Woods).

Just A Girl is out now.

Image: Rebma

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