Boys will be girls, Girls will be boys

Combined 1There’s bound to be a lot of gender bending fun this weekend as Connections Nightclub presents their Switch Ball.

For a little inspiration we delved into the OUTinPerth archives and share some previously unreleased photos from our November 2011 cover shoot.

Combined 2The cover featured artists Tom Penney and Elizabeth Marpole in some fabulous Vivienne Westwood  clothes. It was shot by Mikey James Parkinson.

Combined 3

Maybe you can take some inspiration from this photoshoot out of the archives when you get ready for Saturday night. Remember you’d have to gender binary, you can go as a boy, as a girl, be adrogynous, be both, whatever you feel like. Combined 4

It’s Genderqueer, Dear! is proudly brought to you by

Photographer: Mikey James Parkinson

Stylist: Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Make-up & Hair: Liliana & Brad @ Sorossi Salon Boutique

Models: Tom Penney & Elizabeth Marpole

Location: Mira Studios

Special Thanks to Dilettante Pour Homme Et Femme

Tom wears Gage Dress ($1700), Coat Fairy 700 ($4659), Black Belt ($385) and Suede Pirate Boots ($849) all by Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante Pour Homme Et Femme.

Elizabeth wears Sleeveless Squiggle Muscle Top ($499), Panel Pants ($490) and Pirate Boots ($1025) all by Westwood Man by Vivienne Westwood from Dilettante Pour Homme Et Femme.

// STOCKISTS // Dilettante Pour Homme Et Femme // 575 Wellington Street, Perth // 9322 2717 // // Sorossi Salon Boutique // 213 Bulwer Street, Nortbridge // 6162 0214 // //

Prices at details are from original publication in November 2011. 



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