Brandis: The Labor party has driven a stake through the heart of marriage equality

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Attorney General George Brandis has lashed out at Labor’s Senator Penny Wong over her party’s decision to block the government’s marriage plebiscite referendum.

Speaking in parliament this afternoon Senator Brandis criticised Labor’s decision to block the plebiscite legislation. Without Labor’s support the government will not have the number to pass the bill in the senate.

“The Labor party has driven a stake through the heart of marriage equality” Senator Brandis said before criticising Senator Wong for having voted against marriage equality in the past.

“Regardless of the cries coming from people like Senator Wong who assert that they believe in this cause, you say it matters to you Senator Wong but why won’t you do something about it!” Senator Brandis shouted across the chamber in an emotionally charged moment.

Stake Through The HeartAttorney General George Brandis: “This morning the Labor party has driven a stake through the heart of marriage equality! You say it matters to you Senator Wong, WHY WON’T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

Posted by BuzzFeed Oz Politics on Monday, October 10, 2016

Last night just before midnight Senator Brandis released details of the government’s proposed changes to the marriage act, should the plebiscite have been successful in promoting inclusion of LGBTI relationships.

The changes include allowing marriage to be between two people rather than a man and a woman. The new laws would also recognise same sex marriages performed overseas.

The proposal also includes the long promised exceptions for religious  based marriage celebrants, but also an option for civil celebrants to refuse to wed same sex couples if they felt it went against their personal beliefs.

Religious bodies would be able to deny services and goods to same sex marriage ceremonies and deny service to people for things which were reasonably incidental to them getting married.

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