British Lord, Alan Sugar, takes aim at non-binary people

Lord Alan Sugar, who stars in the British version of the reality TV show The Apprentice has slammed people who “promote” non-binary pronouns and says they should be “shipped out the country”.

‘They need to pack it in, it’s nonsense.” Lord Sugar said, his outburst triggered by news that the Brit Awards were considering changing their categories to being non-gender specific.

The British peer said people who support the use of non-gendered pronouns should be deported.

“The people promoting it need to be shipped off to Mongolia.” he said. “Send them away, get them out of the country. Go away. It always boils down to a small bunch of people that promote it.”

Lord Sugar became a billionaire through his investments in the computing and sports industries, his company AMSTRAD created the popular Commodore home computers of the 1980s. The 15th series of his show The Apprentice has just begun airing on the BBC.  

Lord Sugar’s criticism of the suggestion the Brit Awards could change their category titles follows that of singer Peter Andre.

The Australian singer, who has had more success in the UK that in his home country, said he had no objection to a new category being created for non-binary artists, but the current distinction of male and female artists should be kept.