Britney Freed: Judge approves end to conservatorship

Britney Spears is celebrating a legal win after a judge approved an end to the conservatorship that has controlled her life for the last fourteen years.

The ruling is a victory for the 39 year-old entertainer who spent years fighting the legal decision which gave others control over her finances, business and life decisions. The legal arrangement is often used to help manage the affairs of people suffering dementia or severe mental illness.

The ruling means that Spears will no longer have to pay a team of professionals and attorney to oversee her affairs.

Following the ruling her lawyer Mathew Rosengart spoke to the media.

Judge Penny today decided to agree with Britney Spears. As of today, effective immediately, the conservatorship has been terminated as to both the person and the estate,” Rosengart said. ” 

The singer shared her excitement about the decision on Twitter, posting a message thanks to her fans she included the hashtag #freedbritany. Fans have rallied behind the singer for years tagging posts #freebritany.  Spears included a video of fans celebrating outside the courthouse.

For the last fourteen years the main person in control of Spears life was her father Jamie Spears. The court removed him from controlling the conservatorship in September. During the court hearings Britney Spears said she had been forced to take medications and perform against her will.

OIP Staff

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