Bust the binary with ‘The Pronoun Lowdown’ author Nevo Zisin

The team at Rabble Books & Games are celebrating the launch of binary-busting book The Pronoun Lowdown from author Nevo Zisin.

Nevo Zisin is a Jewish, Queer, non-binary activist and author, whose been working to run gender inclusivity workshops in schools and workplaces in their local Jewish community.

Following from the success of their memoir Finding Nevo, The Pronoun Lowdown aims to demystify and celebrate trans and gender diverse excellence as we see more trans and gender diverse identities visible, proud and joyful in the public sphere.

The book explores Nevo’s own journey with pronouns, shares ideas for how young trans and gender diverse folks can navigate their own identities and pays tribute to the past triumphs of LGBTQIA+ trailblazers.

Nevo will be joined by local LGBTQIA+ advocate and academic Misty Farquhar online this Thursday for a chat about the book and living beyond the binary. Misty is a bi+, non-binary person with Indian heritage who is passionate about inclusion and justice.

Join Nevo Zisin and Misty Farquhar for this online event on Thursday 15th April. For more information head over to Rabble Books & Games’ Facebook event.

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