Cactus Blastus is Psychedelic Western Weirdness

Jekyll and James

Comedy duo Jekyll and James have returned to Fringe World after a sellout season of their show ‘Paradise’ in 2014.

Their new offering, ‘Cactus Blastus’, sees the pair delivering more of their distinctive flavour of bold characters, live music and enthusiastic weirdness into a brand new story set in the wild West.

Jekyll and James use beatboxing, singing, guitar, minimal costume changes and an exciting catalogue of accents to bring to life over ten characters between the two of them over the course of an hour.

Using minimal props and costumes, the pair are able to transform a room in the Noodle Palace at Central Tafe into a high fashion runway, a brothel, a fancy restaurant, purgatory and more.

‘Cactus Blastus’ is an explosion of joyful chaos. Jekyll and James are fearless performers who bring audience participation to a new level. Each peculiar scenario is blended together with a repertoire of singing, beat boxing and guitar. It’s bizarre, energetic and at times awkward, all things one hopes for in a late night Fringe show.

Jekyll and James are the kind of comedians that other comedians come to see. This is by no means a standard comedy show. If you’re looking for a unique Fringe experience, ‘Cactus Blastus’ delivers. It’s not quite sketch comedy, not quite stand up, but an altogether new mutant beast of a performance. Don’t question the madness. Just enjoy the ride.

Sophie Joske

Image: Jeremy Bellinfante

‘Cactus Blastus’ is at the Noodle Palace at 10.20pm February 5th. Tickets available at

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