Conservative writer Caleb Bond voices support for same-sex marriage

News Corp columnist Caleb Bond has voiced his support for marriage equality, revealing that he’s voted YES in the government’s marriage postal survey.

Appearing on The Perrett Report, the writer for The Daily Telegraph and The Advertiser said he believed most younger Australians were in favour of changing the marriage laws.

Host Janine Perrett has asked the conservative writer if he was an anomaly among young people presumably expecting him to be against changing the laws.

“I actually voted yes.” Bond replied. “I believe, I take sort of the Tim Wilson point of view in terms of a conservative case for same-sex marriage, in that I believe that marriage should be strengthened, and if you have a group of people who are saying ‘Look, please let us in, we like this institution so much we want to be a part of it’, particularly at a time when we see a lot of straight people not getting married, I’m quite comfortable with that.”

Bond said he’d copped some abuse from same abuse from same-sex marriage supporters, because they assumed he was opposed to the laws being changed.

“Most of the abuse I’ve received has been from same-sex marriage proponents because I haven’t been so vocal in my support.” Bond said.

Watch the clip below. 

OIP Staff

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