Catherine McGregor to host new show on Sky News

Political commentator, writer, military veteran and trans woman Catherine McGregor is set to host a new show on Sky News.

The former Queenslander of the Year will be behind the desk on an upcoming current affairs program, The McGregor Angle.

McGregor says she has been treated with respect by the Sky News team, comparing her experience with her time at ABC, where she previously served as a sports commentator until 2018.

“I have found the management at Sky vastly more accessible and professional than the ABC,” McGregor told The Daily Telegraph.

“I’m more at home in Sky than the ABC. The only place where I have been bullied and treated appallingly by management.”

“They never came clean on that,” McGregor said of her dismissal from the ABC, which she claims was never explained to her.

“It is a grotesque parody of their diversity policy that the only trans broadcaster in Australia in politics and current affairs is at Sky and not the ABC.”

The McGregor Angle is due to premiere on Sky News from Friday 29th January as a weekly program, along with two new programs fronted by Rita Panahi, Nicholas Reece and former Liberal / Australian Conservatives Senator Cory Bernardi.

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