Gay marriage has made it an ‘Annus Horribilis’ says Catholic Archbishop

The combination of gay marriage, legalised euthanasia and criticism of the church’s history of failing to address sexual abuse, has made 2018 a ‘Annus Horribilis’ for Christians according to Anthony Fisher, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney.

“For people of faith you might say it has been an ‘annus horribilis’, as our Christian conceptions of life and love have been challenged in the marriage and euthanasia debates, freedom of religion in Australia put in doubt and shameful crimes and cover ups in our church uncovered by the royal commission.” Archbishop Fisher said in in Christmas video address.

The religious leader said there was light at the end of the tunnel for people of faith, and the Christmas story was all about there being a bright star in the darkness.

Archbishop said he believed that many young people were standing up for the churches faith and ideals.

The Archbishop’s speech has been criticised by leading gay rights activist Rodney Croome from just.equal.

“It is morally wrong to draw any link between marriage equality and the royal commission.” Croome said in response to Archbishop Fisher’s Christmas message.

“One is about the equal recognition of loving, committed adult relationships while the other is about the church’s failure to stop the sexual abuse of children.”

“I don’t expect Archbishop Fisher to embrace marriage equality but I’m disappointed he continues to demonise it by association.”

Croome said the speech was another example of Archbishop Fisher being out of touch with the majority of Australians, including those who follow the Catholic faith.

“The Archbishop’s words are particularly disappointing at Christmas time when many Catholic families are preparing for the joyful summer wedding of a loved one.” Croome said.

“Polls repeatedly showed a majority of Catholics back marriage equality, so the Archbishop’s unfair comments will do nothing but weaken his authority.”

“The one point at which the Archbishop is correct is when he says young people will right the wrongs of the Church, because young Catholics overwhelmingly support marriage equality.”

The Latin phrase ‘annus horribilis’, used to describe a bad year, was first used by the Anglican Church in 1891 when it described the year 1870, the year the Catholic Church defined the dogma of Papal infallibility.

The phrase gained wide-spread usage after it was used by Queen Elizabeth II in a speech where she reflected on the year 1992. In that year three of the Queen’s children were getting divorced, or were dominating the headlines with tales of infidelity, Windsor Castle caught on fire, and Mauritius became a republic.

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