CD Reviews: Lindsay Buckingham & Christine McVie, SZA, Moby & more

Lindsay Buckingham & Christine McVie
Self Titled
★ ★ ★ ½

Decades after they first began collaborating in Fleetwood Mac you can still feel the electric chemistry created by the teaming of Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, who together created classic rock hits that resonate soundly even in our contemporary times. The duo’s new album is both reflective and introspective on love, somewhat matured from their earlier recordings but very much still relatable and universal to love lost, regained, hauntingly nostalgic or missed. The album definitely draws heavily upon the original style and flair of their earlier days as part of Fleetwood Mac’s classic line-up. — Kyle Kash


★ ★ ★ 

While CTRL is a debut album, SZA is a seasoned storyteller. Self-discovery, vulnerability and freedom are all delivered through SZA’s soothing vocals, amidst a mash of RnB genres. From the opening tracks, SZA takes us on a journey through the female psyche in what feels like a tangled internal monologue building to the album highlights Broken Clocks and The Weekend. Doing what many artists could not do without drowning, SZA took a dive into Frank’s Ocean and gave me the same level of emotion as the first time I listened to Channel Orange. — Samuel England


All Time Low
Change of Plan
★ ★ ★

All Time Low is back with another stunning album called The Last Young Renegade. Alex Gaskarth’s vocals on the album is what makes this a great album. Although the music is quite catchy, that is not what draws me to this album. Instead, it is the lyrics, which are just pure emotion. Loss of place, people and regret are major themes on the album, and as I listened to the lyrics, it was raw and honest, and that is what good music is supposed to do. So check them out on Spotify and while you are at it listen to all their other albums too. — Gautami Sithambaram


Moby and the Void Pacific Choir
More Fast Songs about the Apocalypse
★ ★ ★ 

Moby’s 14th studio album and second with the group is the follow-up sequel from 2016 release, These Systems Are Failing.  A collection of hardcore, post-punk, electro-punk sounds, reminding us of Moby’s 1996 one-off solo punk experiment, Animal Rights. Political, radical, well worth listening to. Free to download with the option to give money to your favourite charity or purchase a physical pink vinyl copy. Accompanied with incredible enlightening and disturbing animated comic visuals and Orwellian GIFs. — Guy Gomeze



★ ★ ★ 

British merchants of electronic psychedelic chill tunes return with a new EP filled with their usual fare. The opening track Valparaiso is filled with cosmic disco beats, sexy saxaphone and super cheesy lyrics, a remix by Nick Mackrory improves the track slightly, Visitors (Marius Circus Garden Dub)  is a stunning mix of techno bleeps, percussion and swirling sounds, but the masterpiece of this release is the title track Starways, an 11 minute opus of electronic beauty. There’s a shorter version too. — Graeme Watson


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