Check-in Tuesday is a chance to chat to the OUTinPerth team

Every Tuesday night the OUTinPerth team take to Instagram and broadcast a live discussion about the latest news, events, community discussions and dilemmas.

Check-in Tuesdays began as a initiative during the COVID-19 lock down period, but are continuing every week as a way for the editors of OUTinPerth to hear regularly from community members about their thoughts and concerns. Each Tuesday night at 6pm editors Leigh Andrew Hill and Graeme Watson log on to Instagram for a live discussion about the weeks news.

“In someway we were ahead of the curve when it comes to working at home,” editor Graeme Watson said of the changes the world has faced in recent months.

“We gave up having an office in early 2019 and became digital nomads, working from home, shared office space, beer gardens, parks and libraries. We’ve always been moving towards a more mobile way of working as journalists using our phones and laptops. We would however catch up regularly at least several times a week.

“COVID-19 saw Leigh and I go three months without seeing each other, but it didn’t seem that long since we talk on the phone to each three or four times a day, plus video chats, SMS, emails and Slack conversations.”

The OUTinPerth team is constantly chatting about the news, so sharing that conversation with our audience is a natural progression from the news reports and interviews that appear on the website.

“Check-In Tuesday is a chance to hear a little more analysis of what is in the news, and an opportunities to hear a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes. In thirty minutes we traverse serious discussion to total frivolity, and it’s great to see so many people joining in the conversation via chat option on Instagram.” Graeme said. “Often people have suggested ideas for future stories and issues they want investigated.”

Check-in Tuesday is on OUTinPerth’s Instagram page every Tuesday night from 6pm.

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