Chris Bowen Now Supports Marriage Equality

Chris BowenChris Bowen, Labor’s shadow Treasurer has changed his position and marriage equality and has now become a supporter.

Mr Bowen told Sky News that he was not in favour of the Labor party having a binding vote on the issue but would vote in support of marriage equality should the issue be raised again in parliament.

“It is our right as a citizen to get married, it should be a right applied equally,” Mr Bowen said.

The politician said seeing friends travel overseas to get married and made his access his position on marriage equality.

“I have friends who had to go overseas to get married, I don’t think they should have to go overseas to get married as Australian citizens,” Mr Bowen said.

Mr Bowen’s reversal of position has been criticised by the Australian Christian Lobby who said voters in Mr Bowen’s electorate would be disappointed with his decision.

“I wonder if Mr Bowen has thought about the consequences of legislating a family structure which requires children to miss out on their mother or father?” Executive Director Lyle Shelton asked on the organisation’s website.




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