Christian conservatives working to take over NSW Liberal branch

Reports have emerged that a group in New South Wales are working to bring thousands of conservative Christians into the Liberal Party in order to bolster ‘religious freedom’ laws.

Sydney Morning Herald have revealed that the NSW Reformers are aiming to recruit 5000 Christians into the NSW Liberal fold, according to documents obtained by the publication.

NSW Reformers – Taking Back Our Nation Through Good Government outlines the plan to control the NSW division of the Liberal Party.

“We will organise information sessions for local coordinators as to how the intricate parts of the party work,” the document reads.

“Politicians are far more receptive to people and causes if they directly impact their chances of being in Parliament.”

SMH also reported that other documents contained information on consituents gathered by petition, including sections on “gender ideology”, “gay surrogacy”, abortion and religious freedom, as well as names of churches the group hopes to target.

A federal Liberal MP from New South Wales told the Herald that he believes the group is run by allies of conservative Liberals in Canberra.

“They’re using the abortion bill to try and recruit numbers,” the unnamed MP said, referencing a bill currently in NSW state parliament.

“They’re taking those views and leveraging them for political advantage. Their dearest wish would be to get rid of Alex Hawke.”

NSW Liberal President and head of last year’s review into religious freedom in Australia, Philip Ruddock, said he did not have a problem with the move.

“My view, as the party president, is if you’re worried about being stacked, then outstack,” Ruddock said.

OIP Staff