Christian Wilkins dresses to impress at Mardi Gras Fair Day

Actor and socialite Christian Wilkins headed to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ Fairday over the weekend, catching people’s attention in a soft pink outfit.

Fair Day kicked off the Mardi Gras Festival, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community by putting an all-day spotlight on its culture defying artists, musicians and organisations that continue to drive the Pride movement forward.

Wilkins hosted a special event with Little Creatures alongside Sky News commentator Melissa Hoyer. The Little Creatures Garden Bar featured DJ’s playing house tunes, interactive games, and an art space.


Christian Wikins, who is the son of Channel Nine entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, is well known for his adventurous fashion choices, and always get’s heaps of photographs taken wherever he goes.

He’s worked as a model and appeared on several reality TV shows including Dancing with the Stars and the SBS Series Filthy Rich and Homeless. 

Wilkins recently made his acting debut in Stan Original series Eden. The 26-year-old recently made a big move, leaving his Dad’s home and setting up his own inner-city residence.

The photographs of Wilkins in his Fairday attire were featured in online news website The Daily Mail, who ran the photos of the model and actor under the headline ‘Dude looks like a lady!’

Wilkins didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the headline, calling the publication out on social media.

“It’s completely homophobic and misogynistic statements like these that causes anxiety and fear in many LGBTQI ppl (sic) – yes I know I’m in a dress and celebrate my femininity but come on … ‘dude looks like a lady’?”

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